Monday, April 23, 2012

Super Chevy Returns to Memphis International Raceway

Growing up, one of my favorite yearly events was Super Chevy Sunday. We'd load up the truck and trailer and head up here nearly every year. Living in Memphis now, I still pass places that I recognize from those trips.

For a kid, the jet cars, wheel standers, pro mods and show cars were a dream come true. They pretty much still are for me. I guess I'm just a big kid.

Now, Super Chevy is really more important because I get to spend time with my family, since they all make the trip every year. The last Super Chevy Show was a few years ago, since the Memphis racetrack was closed down for a while. However, under new ownership, it's back and better than ever. The track really seems to be better run this time around, and it makes me happy to know that this place from my youth won't fall into disrepair.

This race track holds so many memories from my youth. I remember getting the driver's autographs as a kid. I remember when my dad bear hugged me in a panic when we watched the jet cars from the tower behind the track (he was nervous that the jet engines might make the tower collapse...full disclosure, I did the same thing to my niece Eliza this year because I was afraid the wind might carry her away while we were watching my brother race from the tower), and I remember the night-time events over on Mt. Moriah hosted by Chuck Hutton Chevrolet.

Here's the view last weekend from the tower while by brother raced. He's in the left lane in both photos...two different cars.

If you look closely at the second picture, you can see my mom playing the role of pit crew. Speaking of memories, the truck he's racing in the picture above belonged to a family friend Aaron Mayo. My dad helped him get it running and he loved driving it around and taking it to the drag strip. Sadly, he passed away while I was in school at Ole MIss. I was preoccupied with school and didn't take the opportunity I should have to visit him in those final months and properly say goodbye. He would have loved watching "Cool Man" (his nickname for my brother Anthony) race his truck at Super Chevy.

Besides seeing my family, my favorite part of the show nowadays is the giant car show. Here are some highlights from this year's show.

Photobombed by my beautiful wife.

The only complaint I had about this year's show was that someone brought a huge tent out right in front of the most crowded part of the grandstands about halfway through the event on Sunday. They just walked it out in front of hundreds of people trying to watch the race. It blocked the view of the starting line for a lot of people. This was unfortunate because several people got frustrated and left. I'm only bringing this up in hopes that ownership will take notice and remedy this, making the event perfect next year!

It was a great event, with lots of family time, and I can't wait until next year.

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