Tuesday, November 29, 2011

YouTube Discoveries: The Possum Posse - A Guy on a Buffalo

Over the Thanksgiving holidays, I discovered this piece of awesomeness:

Then, I discovered the sequel:

There's even a third one:

 And a 4th one:

If we're lucky, there may be more of this awesomeness to come.

From what I can gather, Texas band The Possum Posse took it upon themselves to narrate a little known Western movie titled Buffalo Rider in song. Whatever the reason, humanity is better off for their contribution to the entertainment world. You can even find Guy on a Buffalo shirts over at their website, and just in time for Christmas (I wear a large and prefer the "Break Your Gun On a Stump" version)! If these guys play anywhere close to home, I'm freaking going.

Their slogan is "The Possum Posse - The Greatest Band in the World. Possibly, Ever." They may be right, possibly.

Ah, where would we be without you YouTube?

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