Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bulldozers and Dirt

Again, I'm posting this incredibly late, so ignore the timeline...

We finally stayed home in Memphis this past weekend. We've been in Mississippi every weekend for roughly a month, so we needed to stick arond and catch up on a few things. 

Here's what we faced on Friday morning:

Which led to this on Saturday:

Our drain line from our house to the road backed up (for the 5th time since we've lived here) and it was time to finally fix it. It required digging up the old clay pipe from the house to the road and replacing it. The original pipe had broken in a few places and was filled with Magnolia tree roots, so drainage was becoming impossible. They fixed the pipe on Saturday, but had to leave the trench open until Monday when the city inspectors could approve the work. Thus, we had a huge ditch in our yard and a Bobcat sitting on the sidewalk. I joked that we dressed our yard up as a construction site for Halloween. 

I also put a water pump on my pickup in the driveway. Between the Bobcat in the front yard and the mechanic work going on the drive way, I'm sure the neighbors thought the Clampets had moved to town. Although I realize they weren't using a bulldozer for the job, this song played in my head all weekend.

Next weekend, Crystel is organizing Habitat for Humanity of Greater Memphis' Tool Box Bash. This is Habitat's largest fundraiser of the year, and always a blast. I'll be helping out with that all weekend.
Oh yeah, if anyone wants to help lay sod this spring, let me know.

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