Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I Rode a School Bus to Work

A few weeks ago while working in Pittsburgh, I had an early morning presentation, I needed to get to work about an hour earlier than the rest of my coworkers, so I figured I would just take the shuttle from the hotel.

To my surprise, the shuttle driver pointed to a full-size (not a short bus) school bus and said, "that bus over there is going to FedEx." It seems that there was a national service manager training going on this week, and they were using a school bus to shuttle everyone from the hotel to the office.

I wasn't going to miss an opportunity to ride a school bus, so I loaded up and caught a ride.

I wish I would have taken a better picture, but in my early morning fog, I almost forgot. I snapped this one just as it was pulling away.

I love the adventures of travel.

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