Saturday, December 3, 2011

Our Week of Thanksgiving 2011 Part 1: Moving Trucks, Corndogs and Kitty Baths

Crystel and I took a much needed break from work by taking off work the entire week of Thanksgiving. We needed to help Julie move some things from Booneville to Oxford, work on our '72 Super Beetle and spend some quality time hanging out with our family.

We started out the week by heading to Booneville on Saturday morning to pick up a U-Haul truck, loading it up at Julie's house and heading to Oxford. Luckily, my brother Anthony came over to help. We had to pick up a few items from Julie's studio in downtown Booneville, and I was reminded how sad it is that they can't get more activity going on there. Booneville has an awesome downtown area that would make a great entertainment district, but sadly there isn't much entertaining going on there. It felt like a ghost town at 2:00 on a Saturday afternoon.

My parents have a book that The Banner Independent (Booneville's local newspaper) recently compiled containing several decades worth of old Booneville pictures into a book. Flipping through this book made it even sadder when you realize how busy America's Main Streets used to be. In these photos, I saw a Booneville where men and women crowded the streets on the weekends for shopping, dining and to catch a movie at the Princess Theatre. I don't mean to single Booneville out. Deserted Main Streets can be found all over the country, and I think it’s one of the saddest aspects of our changing world.

We left Booneville headed for Oxford. After we arrived in Oxford on Saturday afternoon, we decided to head out to the Square to meet up with a few friends at the Rib Cage. Unfortunately, we couldn't stay long because the place was way too crowded for our taste. We must be really getting old. Maybe I just didn't want to be around all those LSU fans. They really do smell like corndogs. Speaking of LSU fans and corndogs, this never gets old.

On Sunday we unloaded the U-Haul, dropped it off and headed to Booneville for a few days.

Here's a bad picture I took of the truck on the way out of town:

The Thursday night before our week off, Crystel decided to give our cat Oliver a bath. Here's a few pictures, because everyone loves a cat bath!

I'll follow up with Part 2: The Middle and Part 3: The Finale soon.

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